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Wear Science, Support Scientists

Welcome to our little shop for nerds!

What is AFDAA?

The Association of Forensic DNA Analysts and Administrators is a nonprofit 501c3 organization composed of professionals engaged in the forensic aspects of DNA analysis for the judicial system. Members include forensic DNA analysts, supervisors and administrators.

We try to keep our membership costs and workshops/meetings fees low and affordable and depend heavily on Sponsorship and Donations.

The proceeds from sales go directly to help fund our Forensic Science Workshops and Meetings where we provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among forensic DNA scientists to:

-keep current on the methods, techniques, and procedures presently used in the field of forensic science

-to promote the dissemination of information on research and developments of new techniques within the field,

-the latest legislative issues concerning DNA analysis,

-network with other DNA crime laboratories and personnel,

-obtain formal training and attend guest lectures,

-share and troubleshoot forensic DNA data and/or issues